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During his twenties Rob Stephenson would walk up to bouncers in nightclubs and ask them if he could take his clothes off. “Funnily enough, they would always say no,” he chuckles. “Then I would just go ahead and strip in the middle of the dance floor… I thought it was hilarious but they didn’t and I would invariably get thrown out.”

Stephenson, now 49, is the founder of FormScore, a one-year-old app which poses its users their own daily question — what score would you give your own wellbeing? Twenty years ago, Stephenson was in the throes of bipolar disorder…

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

How have the last 12 months been for you? This was the loaded question the Society of Freelance Journalists (SFJ) recently asked its 1,600-strong membership. After marking our first birthday in March by becoming a Community Interest Company, we wanted to learn more about our growing Slack network, their professional needs and how we could best serve them.

We asked freelancers around the world how the pandemic had shaped their work, what their career aims were for 2021 and (blush) if SFJ had done anything to help them along the way. A huge thank you to the 125 who so…

John Crowley

Journalist with over two decades of newsroom experience writing on tech, business, sustainability, newsroom management, burnout and disinformation.

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